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STREAM New Damaged Bug (John Dwyer) Album Cold Hot Plumbs Now!

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Not that this should be a surprise to anyone because of the sheer amount of music John Dwyer is involved with and putting out, but he’s releasing yet another album, Cold Hot Plumbs, June 1st under his side project monicker, Damaged Bug. In advance of the release, his record label Castle Face, made the album available for all to stream. For those unfamiliar with Damaged Bug, it’s a project John Dwyer started at his home in 2013 with synthesizers, drum machines and various electronics he made by hand and It’s almost completely devoid of guitars. Cold Hot Plumbs, marks his second full length release for Damaged Bug and it’s really fucking cool.

Listen to ‘Jet In Jungle’…

Listen and stream the full album, Cold Hot Plumbs…

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Listen to Quilt’s Amazing Psychedelic Pop Record Held In Splendor!

Song of the Day

Quilt formed in 2009 while Shane Butler and Anna Fox Rochinski were attending Boston’s School of the Museum of Fine Arts. The band released their second LP in 2014 called Held In Splendor, which is a wonderful collection of psychedelic pop songs with elements of folk. The album was recorded over the course of a month in a studio beneath the Mexican Summer offices in Brooklyn. The band spent 10 hours each day working on each song, recording it in different ways, with different mic setups, until they got it just right. Shane says, “We were able to flesh out the songs in crazy ways we’d never imagined: There are all these loop-based drones beneath the songs, and we used more pedals than we’d ever used before.”

For fans of Woods, Real Estate, Tennis.

Watch Quilt perform ’Saturday Bride’ live on KXEP…

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Neon Indian Releases Awesome New Single ‘Annie’

New Music

Neon Indian just put out the first single, ‘Annie’, off his upcoming album, expecting to be be released later this year. ‘Annie’ is a more straight forward dance/pop song with a more clear and produced sound than his previous efforts. You do, however, get a little taste of classic Neon Indian around the three minute mark. The cleaned up sound suits Neon Indian well as some of his songs could be difficult to jam to at higher volumes because the treble was so piercing. ‘Annie’ serves as the perfect soundtrack to lounging poolside on a hot sunny day. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album!

For fans of Washed Out, Toro Y Moi, Com Truise

Listen to ‘Annie’…

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LISTEN to Lost & Found Brazilian Psychedelia Masterpiece!

Song of the Day

Sidney Miller was a Brazilian composer/musician who lived a much to brief life (born 1945, died 1980) making great music. It was difficult to find more information about Sidney after discovering his music through Ss/Sol Re Sol Records, who are re-issuing his third and final album, Linguas De Fogo (recorded in 1974), on June 9th. Luckily, there are a couple sources (in English) who helped shed a little light on Sidney’s achievements, but unfortunately, didn’t offer much insight or perspective on who Sidney was as a person. They mostly catalog his various achievements in music, such as, winning multiple awards, composing soundtracks for a number of films and recording three albums. Perhaps that’s the way he’d want it. The write up by Ss/Sol Re Sol hints at a somewhat troubled and shy musician who loathed the spotlight and turned to alcohol and drugs to deal with his insecurities. Sidney’s untold story seems ripe for a documentary (Searching for Sugar Man comes to mind here).

His third and final album, Linguas De Fogo, is an obscure classic and essential for fans of Brazilian psychedelia/Bossa Nova.

Listen to ’Som Brazileiro’…

Listen to a few more songs off the album, Linguas De Fogo…

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WATCH Ducktails’ New Video For ‘Headbanging in the Mirror’!

New Music, Viewing Pleasure

Ducktails just put out a video for the lead single, ‘Headbanging in the Mirror’, off their upcoming LP, St. Catherine. The video couldn’t capture the mood and vibe of Ducktails more perfectly. It shows Matt Mondanile, Ducktails’ brainchild, and member of the band Real Estate, driving down California roads and stopping at various locations. Interestingly enough, the video was directed by Rose Schlossberg, who is the daughter of Caroline Kennedy and granddaughter of John F. Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy. Wow! It’s a great song and perfect for lazy days and the start of summer. Can’t wait for the new record, which comes out July 24th on Domino Records.

For fans of Real Estate, Woods and Kurt Vile.

Watch the video for ‘Headbanging in the Mirror’…

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Groove to the Mellow Love Songs of Travis Bretzer’s Wax Romantic LP

Song of the Day

Travis Bretzer is a 24 year old from Edmonton, Alberta, who released his debut LP, Wax Romantic, earlier this year. The album is an excellent collection of mellow love songs about the first two years of his current relationship and also marks his first time in a professional recording studio. The professional studio environment along with help from members of Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, James Richardson of MGMT and Josh da Costa of Regal Degal helped take Travis Bretzer’s bedroom pop and refine and expand his sound to what you hear on Wax Romantic.

For fans of Mac DeMarco, Alex Calder and Ducktails.

Listen and watch the official video for ‘Lonely Heart’…

Listen to the rest of Wax Romantic


Listen to the Crocodiles Awesome New Scuzz Pop Album ‘Boys’!

New Music

Crocodiles are a scuzz pop duo from San Diego and on May 12th they released their 5th and very good album titled, Boys. On Boys, Crocodiles build upon the catchy scuzz pop vibes of 2013’s, Crimes of Passion, but also shake things up a bit. Boys finds the duo exploring new sounds and experimenting with new styles and tempos. Previously, Crocodiles could be described as somewhere between Moon Duo and Brian Jonestown Massacre, but for Boys, they break out of the mold they’ve created for themselves and push the boundaries of their sound out further.

“Foolin’ Around”, the second track, is one of the highlights off the album and exemplifies the subtle shift in Crocodiles evolution in sound. Listen to”Foolin’ Around” below…

Stream the full album, Boys…

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Stream the New Thee Oh Sees Album Before It’s Released!

New Music

John Dwyer deserves an award for the most consistent and prolific rock n roll creator of the last decade. In less than 10 years, he’s put out at least thirteen LPs (according to with Thee Oh Sees, not including EPs, singles, or side projects. On top of that, every full LP listed on is rated at 4/5 stars or higher by users. Not only is he putting out tons and tons of material, but all the material is consistently good. Not to mention, every time I’ve seen them live it’s an incredible show, and you’d be hard pressed to find someone who had anything negative to say about the performance, other than they tend to be sweaty and smelly.

So that brings us to Thee Oh Sees latest and very good album, Mutilator Defeated at Last, which consists of Brigid Dawson (original member), Tim Hellman, Nick Murray, and Chris Woodhouse (producer). Mutilator Defeated at Last is half traditional, pummeling, rock n roll that Thee Oh Sees are known for and half softer, more experimental and psychedelic tracks that Thee Oh Sees have been putting out more and more of on their last few albums. Both sides of Thee Oh Sees are great. The softer psych jams are great for basking in the sun and letting your mind wander. While the up tempo grinders will fill you full of energy and pump you up for any kind of action you’re about to get into.

Stream the entire album, Mutilator Defeated at Last

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Stream the New King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard Album ‘Quarters’!

New Music

The new King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard album, Quarters, is now available for streaming via Bandcamp. The album is coming only six months after their epic, I’m In Your Mind Fuzz LP was released late last year. We’ve already heard two amazing songs (‘The River‘ & ‘God is in the Rhythm‘) from the album, which consists of four 10 minute long tracks.

Listen to the full album stream for Quarters

michael rault

Listen to Michael Rault’s ‘Living Daylight’ Psychedelic Bedroom Pop LP

New Music

Michael Rault hails from Edmonton, Canada and has been self releasing music for a while now. This month his LP, Living Daylight, was released by Burger Records in the US. Michael describes the album perfectly as a “light psychedelic pop record made in a bedroom”, but the strange thing is, he recorded the album two and a half years ago. It was released by a Canadian label, but took a couple years to find a label to release it in the US. Luckily, Burger Records stumbled across it and finally put it out to a wider audience.

Michael recorded everything himself in his bedroom after moving to Toronto. In an interview with Noisey he says, “I was pretty freshly moved to Toronto from my hometown of Edmonton, and I don’t think it’s literally about moving to a new city, but I think the whole vibe is influenced by it. I started working in my bedroom, my home studio, and was kind of in a period of time where I was alone a lot working on the record and also not super integrated into the new city I was in. I had a lot of time to sit around and think about a lot of stuff. It’s kind of an interesting record, I guess.”

Living Daylight is an upbeat, rock n roll, record with enough boogie to make your head bob and your hips shake. The record has an infectious vibe and is full of super catchy harmonies, hooks and melodies.

Check out the video just released for ‘Too Bad So Sad’…

Listen to the rest of Living Daylight

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Listen to Paul McCartney ‘Cold Cuts’, An Abandoned Album of Unreleased Material

Song of the Day

In 1974, Paul McCartney started on a double album project called Hot Hits and Cold Cuts that would consist of one record of Wings hits and singles, and a second record of unreleased outtakes and b-sides from the years prior. Instead, the project was scrapped and a Wings Greatest Hits album was released instead in 1978. The project would be picked up and discarded a few more times over the years with focus on the unreleased material and b-sides, which would remain titled Cold Cuts. Several bootlegs of the album would appear over time and Paul would eventually abandon the project. While the album isn’t perfect, it does have a handful of really good songs. One of the gems is ‘Mama’s Little Girl’, which eventually saw the light of day as a b-side off a single Paul released in 1990 called ‘Put it There’.

Listen to ‘Mama’s Little Girl’…

Listen to the remaining songs off a version of Cold Cuts…

Here’s a link to download it.

April Mix

Listen to the Most Anticipated Mixtape of the Month!


This mixtape is jam packed with new and old goodies. It’s the perfect blend of trippy/psychedelic and heavy hitting songs from past and present. There’s an unreleased gem hidden somewhere in the mix. It may or may not be off the upcoming Unknown Mortal Orchestra album. Shhh don’t tell anyone!


Listen to the New Tame Impala Track called ‘Disciples’!

New Music

Kevin Parker shared a snippet of a new song, ‘Disciples’, last night during his Reddit AMA, which you can read here.

If you don’t feel like reading the whole AMA, here are a few snippets that I thought were interesting…

  1. Kevin didn’t realize so many people thought he sounded like John Lennon until his brother and Sean Lennon both told him on separate occasions.
  2. He’s very inspired by Kanye West because of his confidence in spite of all the judgment thrown his way.
  3. His rap name would be Defs Worthit.
  4. Up until recently, he didn’t receive any money for the records that sold outside of Australia and he doesn’t seem to care if you buy his records or not since most of the money goes to the record labels anyways. He’s more satisfied with the emotional connection fans experience with his music.
  5. Kevin would be a scarf designer if he wasn’t a musician.
  6. His two favorite guitar pedals he uses are the Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail Reverb and the Diamond Vibrato.
  7. His favorite recent records that he could think of at the time were; Air – Talkie Walkie, Supertramp – Breakfast in America, Michael Jackson – Thriller, Queens  of the Stone Age – Rated R, Dungen – Ta Det Lugnt and Dungen – 4.
  8. Kevin is not a vinyl guy.

Listen to the new Tame Impala track, ‘Disciples’…


Listen to Mikal Cronin’s New Album MCIII Before It’s Released!

New Music

Mikal Cronin’s third album is a stunning example of superb songwriting craftsmanship and an obvious attention to detail. Every note, every instrument and every lyric serve a very specific and deliberate purpose. MCIII is sort of made up of two EPs put together, with the first side being a collection of standalone songs and the second side being a concept album ,of sorts, that documents Mikal’s experience in the Pacific Northwest.

MCIII is a natural progression from his first two albums so it’s not surprising to hear less fuzz guitar and more string arrangements. In an interview with Spin, Mikal says, “It’s not just as basic as wanting to add them and then randomly trying to add them in. Throughout the years, if you want to look record by record, I’ve always been interested in different instruments, how they sound, and how they can be used.” It’s important for musicians to grow and evolve their sound. Sometimes evolution won’t be appreciated by their fans, but in the case of Mikal Cronin, it’s exciting to hear him expand and climb to the top of his game. The music scene doesn’t really need another fuzzed out, garage rocker. We’ve got plenty of those already. Cronin’s musical growth and evolution is directly related to coming of age and his building confidence. He says, “Some of these songs, the mellower ones especially, would have been a very extreme thing for me to do years ago, when I was still coming out of garage rock, and wanting to be loud and fucked up.”

Stream Mikal Cronin’s 3rd album, MCIII, before it’s released on iTunes. MCIII is being released by Merge Records on May 4th.

Standout tracks:
#3 Say
#6 i) Alone
#7 ii) Gold
#8 iii) Control
#9 iv) Ready

Listen to ‘ii) Gold’…

Listen to ‘Made My Mind Up’…

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Refused Announce New Album, Release First Single, ‘Elektra’ and Go On Tour!

New Music

Listen to the new single just released by Refused called, ‘Elektra’, off their upcoming album, Freedom. This comes a couple years after their hugely successful reunion tour in 2012, which they announced would be the end of the band. It’s proving to be hard to end the unstoppable force that is Refused. Who can blame them when their reunion shows would sell out immediately after going on sale. They’ve also announced a new world tour this year in support of the album. I’ve got my tickets and can’t wait to see them for the second time!

Listen to ‘Elektra’…

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thee oh sees

FREAK OUT and Listen to Two New Thee Oh Sees Songs

New Music

Thee Oh Sees just released two new songs into the wild. The first is the second single called, ‘Withered Hand’, off their upcoming album, Mutilator Defeated At Last, which is out May 18th. The second is called ‘The Ceiling’, which is part of a benefit compilation called, ’50 Bands & A Cat for Indiana Equality’. The two tracks are polar opposites of each other. The first, ‘Withered Hand’, showcases the band’s notorious fast-paced rock n roll pummeling style that will most definitely cause the crowd to go wild at their live shows. And the second, ‘The Ceiling’, shows the softer, more psychedelic side of Thee Oh Sees. Both tracks are excellent.

Listen to ‘Withered Hand’…

Listen to ‘The Ceiling’…

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Unknown Mortal Orchestra Are About to Release Their Best Album Yet

New Music

Unknown Mortal Orchestra just released the second amazing single, ‘Can’t Keep On Checking My Phone’ off their upcoming album, Multi-Love. A few bars in you realize you’re going to be listening to a different kind of Unknown Mortal Orchestra album. Not entirely unfamiliar, but a natural evolution that is extremely creative and more experimental. The production, instrumentation and groove all feel upgraded which was Ruban Nielsen’s (UMO’s founding father) intention. He explains in an interview with Stereogum, “I had to upgrade some of the stuff I was using just to keep myself interested and curious, and I’d learned how to fix and build a lot of stuff in my studio. I had this idea of trying to make this super-fi album using the same process as the other albums. The same process, but employed to make a different texture. A super-fi texture instead of a lo-fi texture.”

In addition to using new equipment, Ruban also collaborated more on Multi-Love. Previously, he wrote and recorded most of the material by himself, but on Multi-Love he enlisted the help of his brother Kody and UMO bandmake Jake. Ruban explains, “Working alone is fun, but I get stir crazy and need a fresh perspective every now and then. I’m trying to learn how to collaborate.” He goes onto say that Kody “came out to Portland for five weeks around March and played drums and keyboards on most of the record and collaborated on some of the songs” and that Jake recorded and produced vocals on a few songs.

Multi-Love is full of infectious grooves and I’m completely enthralled by it. It’ll probably be the only album I listen to for the next few days. Be sure to buy the record when it comes out on May 26th.

Listen to the second single released called, ‘Can’t Keep Checking My Phone’…

Listen to the first single released called, ‘Multi-Love’…

If you plan on purchasing the album, please do so via one of the options below. It helps keep the lights on. Thanks!

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JaccoGardner copy

Jacco Gardner Just Released the Trippiest Song of 2015 called, ‘Hypnophobia’

New Music

Jacco Gardner just put out the second single called, ‘Hypnophobia’, off his upcoming album which will be released May 5th. I think it could be his trippiest song yet. The song slowly builds momentum with layers upon layers of trippy sound effects fading in. The tension builds as the rhythmic tom drums build and then breaks suddenly for Jacco Gardner to define hypnophobia, “The riddles of your dreams at night/are answered by holy light/memories and moments fade away/forget the things you see before you wake”. Jacco then directs the song into a full blown psychedelic jam that lasts for almost the entire remainder of the song. Queue more psychedelics! Unleash the synthesizers! Hypnotize with pulsating drum and bass! And then stop, remind the listener what Hypnophobia is.

Listen to ‘Hypnophobia’…

jay watson

Listen to Jay Watson’s (Tame Impala) Excellent Solo Material Under Name GUM

Song of the Day

Tame Impala never ceases to amaze me. Depending on how far you let yourself go into the internet wormhole, you’ll find half a dozen or more bands (ex: Pond) and side projects associated to the group. The members of Tame Impala have music oozing out of their souls. So much so that they can’t stop putting out amazing music. It’s massively inspiring to listen to all of their material because it’s evidence that each member is in love with music and their craft. They’re not doing it for the fortune or fame, although, they’re on their way to it, and deservedly so. They’re doing it because they have to.

Today’s feature is GUM, which is Jay Watson’s (former drummer, current keyboardist/guitarist) solo project. It sounds like you’ve been transported into Jay’s brain and are floating along in his rock n roll dreamscapes. But don’t get too used to GUM’s current sound. In a recent interview, Jay Watson said his second album will sound a lot different, less retro rock, with more original sounding electronic and dance music.

Listen to ‘Growin’ Up’…

Listen to the full album, 2014’s Delorean Highway

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Naomi Punk

Naomi Punk Wants to Pummel Your Ear Drums With ‘Song Factory’

Song of the Day

Naomi Punk are, in the most general terms, a hard rock trio from Olympia, Washington, that don’t quite sound like anyone else. The interplay between guitarists, Neil Gregorson and Travis Coster, backed by the jagged and angular drumming by Nick Luempert create a sound unique to Naomi Punk. But, depending on the site, you’ll see them compared to Nirvana, The Wipers, Beat Happenings and Sonic Youth. And while it’s generally not a bad thing to be compared or influenced by great bands like the ones above, I’m not sure it’s a fair comparison. The only thing they really have in common is their geographic location (Sonic Youth excluded).

Listen to ‘Song Factory’…

Listen to the full album, 2014’s Television Man